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3 Things to Look for in Sliding Patio Doors

3 Things to Look for in Sliding Patio Doors

Whether you’re replacing a homeowner’s existing patio door or identifying the best solution for their dream home, understanding how to choose a sliding patio door is crucial. Let’s go over the styles, materials and features so you can help your clients make the correct decision for their home.

1. Style

There are two types of sliding patio doors: sliding glass and multi-panel. Each type opens differently and has varying space requirements.

Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Sliding glass patio doors tend to have two panels: one that’s fixed and one that moves on a track. They’re one of the most versatile styles because they work with a variety of home styles. Select product lines even come with 3- or 4-panel options.

Multi-Panel Patio Doors

Multi-panel patio doors have three or more panels that slide or fold away when open. Due to the panel size, these doors are better for big homes with ample wall space.

They come in the following styles:

  • Lift-and-slide—remains fixed until easily opened via rollers.
  • Multi-slide—opens to one side or in the middle.
  • Bifold—tucks away neatly when open.

2. Material

There are three main materials for sliding glass patio doors: vinyl, fiberglass and wood.


Vinyl is a useful material because of its affordability, energy efficiency and low maintenance.

We make our vinyl patio doors from an exclusive, performance-tested formula that provides long-lasting beauty. You won’t need to paint, stain or refinish it. In fact, even dings and scratches on the frame are essentially invisible with solid color throughout the vinyl frame.

When you want to make a statement, there are dual-color frames. Choose a different exterior color to pair with your white interior patio door frame.


Fiberglass is naturally strong and long lasting. It also won’t rot or corrode. This makes it a fantastic choice for climates with extreme heat or cold.

Our exclusive proprietary fiberglass is the strongest material available for patio doors.1 It won’t expand, contract or become brittle. We finish it with a heavy-duty powder coat that resists chalking and fading. This keeps your sleek patio doors beautiful with less maintenance.


Wood is one of the most beloved patio door materials because of its beauty, warmth and energy efficiency. It’s also highly customizable so your clients can create a unique patio door that fits their style and home.

Our patio doors come with exclusive advanced protection, both inside and out. EnduraGuard® protects wood from moisture and decay as well as mold and mildew stains. It can even stand up to termites. Low-maintenance EnduraClad® aluminum exteriors resist fading and chalking.

3. Features

Your clients can customize our patio doors with additions that simplify everyday life. These features include grilles, hardware, screens, trim options and custom design.


Whether you’re working with a historic home or new construction, grilles help doors stand out and blend with architectural style. Your clients will appreciate the look of individual panes of glass and improved energy efficiency. Keeping them clean is simple with our removable or between-the-glass grilles.


Your clients can demonstrate their style with color-matched or upgraded finishes from Baldwin®, the #1 premium hardware brand. With multipoint locking and SmartKey® Re-Key Technology, Baldwin hardware is as functional as it is beautiful.


Screens might seem like a minor detail, but at Pella, we’ve thought of everything. This includes self-closing screens and the Rolscreen® retractable screen, which tucks away when not in use.

Trim Option

With interior and exterior trim options, you’ll be able to complement your clients’ architectural style and décor. Our interior trim for patio doors is made from beautiful and durable pine or oak wood. Choose from unfinished, painted or stained trim.

Custom Design

Sometimes you need a custom solution for a sliding patio door. If you can think of it, our team can build it. This includes extra-wide and extra-tall styles, custom shapes and custom colors.

Get a Quote for Your Sliding Patio Door Project Today

At Pella of Plattsburgh, we’re a dedicated partner that professionals like you can depend on. When you’re looking for the right sliding patio door for your project, our team can match you up with the right solution. Call us at 518-563-8536 or stop by our showroom to get your free quote today.

1Pella’s proprietary fiberglass material has displayed superior strength over wood, vinyl, aluminum, wood/plastic composites, and other fiberglass materials used by leading national brands in tensile and 3-point bend tests performed in accordance with ASTM D638 and D790 testing standards.

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