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When Should I Install New Windows?

When Should I Install New Windows?

With cool weather approaching, you may be wondering when the ideal time is to replace your windows in Plattsburgh. You might think it’s spring or summer, but your residence’s windows can be replaced at almost any time.

We typically suggest having your home windows replaced during calm weather. It’s best to stay away from very hot or cold temperatures, plus heavy rain or snowstorms.

The first part in the process is a free consultation with a window replacement consultant, like one from Pella Windows and Doors. We’ll discuss your ideas and the features you want in your replacement windows. Then, you’ll get pro measurements, a quote and details on financing opportunities, all for free and at no obligation.

Meanwhile, here are a few tips to note, by season, when purchasing replacement windows in Plattsburgh.

Window Replacement During Spring, Summer and Fall Months

The weather throughout the spring, summer and fall makes these seasons the best times for replacing your house windows. That’s because you won’t be handling any chilly drafts. And it’s also simple to keep your home comfy by closing the door to the installation area.

They’re also the most active months for window replacement companies, so you might have difficulty getting an appointment right away. It’s also important to realize that thunderstorms or heavy rain may reschedule your window installation.

Window Replacement During Colder Months

While the late fall and winter are considered the off-season for home window replacement, these seasons give unique benefits. There won’t be as much competition for an installation appointment. And you may even take advantage of special coupons that will make your window replacement even more economical.

As opposed to warm temps outside, you’ll be dealing with cool drafts. But, like throughout hot weather, you can prevent this by securing doors. If the area can’t be sectioned off, your window installers can add temporary walls to keep your house comfortable.

Like throughout the summer, window installation can also be postponed because of inclementweather, including a blizzard or heavy snowfall.

Schedule Your Window Replacement Project with Pella Windows and Doors

Whatever season you pick to have your custom windows installed, you can count on Pella Windows and Doors to deliver a no mess, no guess installation day.

Your experienced installation team will use exclusive installation approaches from Pella, which allows installation in just about any type weather. Your pros will also regard your house as if it was their family’s home. This involves placing coverings in their work space, tidying up after installation is complete and taking away your old windows.

To get started on getting new windows, contact us at 518-310-2118 right away.

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